Hello, I am a Millennial

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Living in Timisoara has the great benefit of having various career opportunities, because there are many companies to choose from. I chose Continental since I started studying Psychology and worked many years as an organizational psychologist and HR consultant.

But being a “Millennial” means embracing also a lot of flexibility and experimentation.
I am so lucky to have found the right environment where to grow and fulfill my potential.

When I first started my career, I had some ideas of what my abilities are and what I liked doing. Since then, I experienced a lot of change and even career development which I didn’t even imagine.

Let me break it in a few points which made sense to me since the beginning, to this day.

1.  The bosses that I have had during my jobs have provided not only the direction and vision, but mostly support to achieve great results: giving constructive feedback, appreciating the initiatives and ideas brought to the projects and task. The feeling of partnership is, above all, what makes the world go round.

2. Having all the resources at my disposal, the creativity can burst out and make everything shiny and nice. It gives me lots of joy seeing those small projects taking considerable proportions in today’s business strategy.

3. Elena, Caroline, Peter, Pierre, Daniel, Balazs, and my list continues for hundreds of names, internationals and locals, which I am so grateful to have met along the way. These are people who had a great impact in lightning up my brain.  I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with any of them if it weren’t for the enthusiasm we shared together in global projects.

6 years and counting. I guess this is me now 🙂

Alexandra Gruicin

Alexandra Gruicin

At Continental Romania, I work as an organizational psychologist in the Plant team. I found my professional path within the HR CEP Plant team Timisoara in 2011. My passions and interests are shared by a great team which supported me to grow from an internship position to the specialist I am now. Here I am sharing enthusiasm and joy, generated from daily work.

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  1. Martin Baumeister

    Dear Alexandra, thank you for sharing your story. It is very encouraging to see that you’ve made you way into Continental and enjoy it. We’ve been talking a lot about Millenials and what that means for the work place. People like you sharing their story and especially what works for them and what doesn’t, will enable us to succeed together no matter what generation we are!


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