International HR Workshop in Amsterdam

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L1006693As promised in my first article in this blog, I will now tell you about an event related to our Compensation & Benefits workshop in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

One of the activities of the last months of our team is the development of a global internal brochure related to the guiding principles of the reward philosophy of Continental.

Everything was proceeding properly. At a certain point we realized that it would be extremely useful to have an external viewpoint, a fresh feedback and a contribution that was not coming from anybody inside Conti. We wanted to puteverything we have done into question and look for somebody else´s opinion.

That is the main reason why we decided to organize a workshop in cooperation with a university offering Master courses with a focus on HR topics. We involved some students in our activities in order to finalize the whole document both in terms of content and graphic.

We chose Amsterdam because its students come from all over the world and it is not uncommon to have bachelor or master programs fully held in English. The Conti people present at the workshop came from different countries (e. g. USA, Germany, Mexico, China). For everyone Amsterdam is easy to reach. Moreover, the city is fascinating and is a perfect background for all activities surrounding the workshop.

We reached an agreement with VU University (Vrije Universiteit) of Amsterdam to host our workshop in their building. Its staff is competent, cooperative and they were more than happy to host the event while letting some of their students participate in it.

We organized our three working sessions in two days, and we divided in teams including some students per each one of them.

L1006705Everybody was aware that we were going to work quite hard all the time. So we made sure that between the sessions we could enjoy refreshing and inspiring activities to reinvigorate the team spirit as well as enjoy the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

During those days the city was hosting an open air modern art exhibition, located near the university, and we decided to take part to that along with local English speaking tour guides.

L1006710Whether one likes it or not, a modern art exhibition can definitely encourage to think out of the box and to look for an interpretation of what stands in front of your eyes!

Later we organized a boat tour throughout the canals of the city ending in a typical Dutch restaurant to experience a bit of the real flavor of Amsterdam.

The decision was definitely a good one since everybody was really satisfied about the evening time!L1006788

Concerning the core topic of the workshop, I received positive feedbacks from the students: they enjoyed working with us on a real business case while keeping an informal environment where they could share their opinion and contributing to the overall tasks.

I have the feeling that together with the students, we have managed to generate an overall positive and creative atmosphere that was crucial to go through all the discussions and to finalize our contents. We have been truly impressed by all the students that joined our teams: their interest, their passion and the quality of their contributions were remarkable.

I personally think that such a successful, constructive and enjoyable event can hardly be experienced twice in life.

If you want to have a deeper insight of what the whole workshop was about, I would invite you to click to the following link and watch the related video:


Federico Nicola Carrieri

Federico Nicola Carrieri

I moved in Hannover to join the Compensation & Benefits unit (HR department) within the HQ of Continental in November 2014 thanks to the French VIE Mobility program. I currently support the head of international Benefits in his activities. After finishing my MSc studies in Economics in Milan, at Bocconi University, I spent one and a half year in Paris and worked in a consultancy company, and then I went back to Milan to enter the automotive sector by working for the Italian branch of a South Korean spare parts company. During my studies I could spend some months as an exchange student in Monterrey (Mexico), and some months as an intern in Bangladesh. I love cycling, watching movies, travelling, learning languages, and meeting new people.

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