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Hello, my name is Nobuto Yoshimura and I joined Continental in October 2015 as an intern. Although I will join Continental as a graduate from April 2016, I’m not a student anymore (I was planning to continue to doctor’s program from September 2015) so I joined early. In this article I write about two things:

  1. Why I decided to work at Continental…
  2. What I’m doing now…

Why Continental?


My first plan was to study control of automated driving. My vision is to realize safe transport and I believed that automated driving is the only solution. This idea, however,  was changed through my experience during an internship at Cambridge Energy Data Lab (IT start-up in Cambridge, UK). I joined CEDL for 4 months to study  data science (and tennis watching at Wimbledon 🙂 ).

What I learned is “The importance of doing right things in the right place at the right time”. Their principle to make their business a success is simple but strong, so I reconsidered “the right time” and “the right place” to do “the right thing” for safe transport. As the result, “the right thing” for me is “how to control traffic”, “the right time” is “after fully-automation”, and “the right place” is Continental. 

Although sensor-based automated driving has the limitation of safety and smoothness, vehicle-to-vehicle cooperation based on communication technologies or traffic control by eHorizon has the possibility of breakthrough. That is easier said than done. But Continental has strong “passion to win” in these fields and this is the reason that Continental is  “the right place”.

What am I doing?


In this internship I have studied the fundamental technologies for automated driving for one month. My focus was on Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for automated driving, because I belong to instrumentation and Driver HMI (ID). Even if any big change or progress in automated driving technology took place, the interaction of vehicle-to-driver and vehicle-to-pedestrian must exist. Therefore for each car manufacturer it is important  to develop a novel HMI . Last week, I went to Tokyo Motor Show and enjoyed the state-of-the-art technologies together with other employees who will start working at Continental from 2016 !!!


Interested in joining us? All open positions at Continental in Japan here.

More about Tokyo Motor Show in the article written by Yu.

Nobuto Yoshimura

I'm working at Continental Japan as J.DRIVE from April 2016. I'm interested in two things: how to control vehicle and how to control traffic. That's why after finished master course(2015.3) in control engineering, I had joined Cambridge Energy Data Lab as an Internship for 4 months(2015.3-7) to learn computer science. Continental is really exciting company for my interest, so I look forward to reading other author's post and sharing my experiences with you!

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