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What does Continental mean to you as an employer?

In the first place Continental for me is an employer that really appreciates every single employee.

Even in an early state of your education, you are already able to take on much responsibility and to act independently.

Continental also really cares about its trainees/ students and we always have got a contact person, you are able to talk with, in case you have any problems.

Furthermore, Continental is a company, which offers a variety of possibilities for professional development in many different departments.

If you really want to achieve something here, you have plenty of chances and possibilities to reach your career goals.

 Until now, what has been your funniest/ most exciting experience, what did really challenge you?

Depending on the department you are working in, you are actually not able to experience much regarding the production side of Continental.

Therefore, it has been even more exciting to be guided through the primary material factory, the Conti Machinery and the basement of the plant in Stöcken by another trainee.


How do you experience the practice and theory parts of your dual studies? What do you like better?

Studying engineering, you spend three days per week in the company and the other three days in the university of applied science.

During the practical phases I like having the freedom to act and being able to realize how things are working in real life. You can learn much about the products and processes of the company and can network with your co-workers.

Often the processes in the company differentiate very much from the examples you are dealing with in university.

On the whole, you have got a really good variety between working and studying and it is never going to be boring.

How does your university and working day look like?

At work, I always have got a contact person, who allocates work to me. If I have any questions, I can always relate to my co-workers of my department. In case I do not have anything to do at work, I can take care of my practical project, which I need to do in University or touch up the workload I got to do for my studies.

The studies itself have a pretty tough timeline and everybody needs to find their own way to deal with the workload we get in university.

 How does it feel to work in a male-dominated working environment?

In the beginning of the dual studies we, as engineering students, have been working in the education center in Stöcken for four months and took part of a crash course on metalworking, electro engineering and welding. Because of the predominant jobs, like locksmith, electrical engineer and process engineer, that are taught in the education center, the share of women working there, is pretty small.

But you forget really fast, that you are almost only surrounded by men. Everybody has been super friendly, you were always able to find some help if needed and we even made some friends.

Overall, it has always been a pleasure to go there, even though we had to get up very early in the morning.

 Is there any advice you can give prospective applicants?

By choosing this course of study, you should be prepared for a pretty tough schedule. You do not need to be afraid of it though, since you get used to it in no time.

Be always open and communicative when meeting new people during your time at Continental.

Moreover, be truly interested in the course of study you want to choose. I started my dual studies in engineering right after school and know how hard it is to find the right direction.

But by now I think I chose the right way!

Niklas Karow

I started my dual education at Continental in 2015. Since then I am part of the Facebook Content Team Hanover.

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