J.DRIVE: Lunch Talk in Japan – Fireworks in August!

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I’m Keitaro, a member of J.DRIVE program 2017. J.DRIVE stands for Japanese Drive Program and is an entry training program. This is my first time to post a blog for People@Continental.

Today I would like to write about a special event called “Lunch Talk”. This Event is a recurring lunch meeting with global internship students. For more Information on the Lunch Talk please read also the blog post “Lunch with J.DRIVE Group@Continental Japan” by Akihiro Sugiyama in this blog. For the next lunch my colleagues Tsukasa Mizutaru, Takashi Hisamatsu, Yukinobu Mizuhara, and Keitaro Mikami – all J.DRIVE members – are taking care of the organization.

For the first event in May, we introduced ourselves to the new internship students and J.DRIVE members. Since it was the week just after holiday (called Golden Week in Japan), we had many nice things to talk about! Fortunately, there were nearly about 30 people participating in the lunch and so it was an exciting event!

For the second event in August we planned to do an outdoor event. There is a variety of locations to go, such as Onsen (Japanese spa), Karaoke, and Disney Land… and finally, we decided to go to the fireworks! In Japan it is quite popular to enjoy a lot of the fireworks in the summer season, so I hope it will be a very impressive event.

We have just started the event organization but with this nice location we are convinced it will be a good occasion to network and exchange our experiences from many different backgrounds. We hope the event intensifies our cultural exchanges, but we even more wish that our internship students get to know our beautiful country and enjoy Japan! Stay tuned for more Information on the “Lunch Talks” here in this blog!

Meral Michels

Meral Michels

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2 Responses to “J.DRIVE: Lunch Talk in Japan – Fireworks in August!”

  1. milada.hanzakova@conti.de

    I am glad to hear that DRIVE Japan is such a success! What a Group of talents! Great!

    • Keitaro Mikami

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad to hear that.
      Since the time is limited, and so we want to value the time we have with the Internship members!


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