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I am a facilitator – I provide phone and email support to our internal customers, helping them to use and troubleshoot our company’s proprietary software tools. Success in this role requires a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction, plus highly developed communication and analytical skills so that you can resolve issues rapidly. One of the really interesting parts of my job is running training courses, because that requires teaching skills. Sometimes I also get to manage big and challenging projects. So there’s plenty of variety in my work.

What do I like best about my job? The friendly and helpful team, but also the trust my manager has placed in me since I joined the company. It’s very important to feel you are recognized for your skills and the value you add. And that is certainly the case at BestDrive.

Romain GENSOUS – HelpDesk Technician – BestDrive France HeadQuarter, Le Meux.


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