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Alexander: Jens-Peter and I are colleagues at ContiTech. Both of us are timing belt engineers and we share one passion: cars – also in our free time. At work Jens-Peter told me that from time to time he runs his private car on a racetrack. So one day he took me with him as a passenger. What an experience! After that I decided to convert my Mercedes E190 on my own to compete against him myself. Every day I had a tinker with my car, after work I stayed in my garage until late.

Jens-Peter: At that time I bought a Renault Clio RS with 201 PS. Ideal to compete with against Alexander’s Mercedes on the racetrack. But then a nasty surprise followed. In the motor a little screw loosened and destroyed the tensioner of the geared belt drive. The consequence was a write-off.

Alexander: When I heard of Jens-Peter’s bad luck with his Renault, of course I immediately offered my help. Pistons and valves had to be changed. We worked on getting his car going again for a whole weekend. And we only had a simple garage neither with light nor with heating.

Jens-Peter: In August finally both of our cars were ready to go. At a free training of the DSK we tested our cars on the track. It is not about competition, but rather about improving your own driving technique and the set up of your car at its limits. The next trip is already planned.

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