The light at the end of the… year

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Once upon a time, seven months ago I moved one step outside of my comfort zone and started a whole new adventure.

Four years of Recruiting for production departments gave me a pretty good idea about the business and employees needs. This is the reason I thought that People Development is the right next step in my career. And the opportunity showed up right away.


In this new role I am using a lot of what I have learned so far to better understand the development needs of the new employees, and newly promoted managers and specialists.

Always pushing the limits of growth, oscillating between panic and comfort, the year end looks like a fresh breeze.

My “tags” for this year will be:

Leadership skills, soft skills, technical skills, internal and external training providers, open and closed training sessions, qualification matrix, participation lists, certificates, feedback analysis, training database, training catalogue, training agendas, training budget, training center, training, training, training, training…

We are not drawing any line though, for we already have a new plan. 2016 looks even more exciting!

Alexandra Gruicin

Alexandra Gruicin

At Continental Romania, I work as an organizational psychologist in the Plant team. I found my professional path within the HR CEP Plant team Timisoara in 2011. My passions and interests are shared by a great team which supported me to grow from an internship position to the specialist I am now. Here I am sharing enthusiasm and joy, generated from daily work.

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