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Hi, I’m Beatriz Adriana Tejena Cevallos. Since April 2014 I am head of the quality department and the laboratory at AGICOM Commercial Agriculture in Santo Domingo (Ecuador). The company is dedicated to the cultivation, development and production of natural rubber from Hevea trees. AGICOM and its rubber plantations are part of the tire production plant in Cuenca. In my field of work I establish the processes that are necessary for the quality management system, implement them and review them. I also carry out analyses of the caoutchouc in our lab. We process purchased caoutchouc for our rubber – but not solely. In Santo Domingo we also grow our own rubber trees on our own plantations. My colleague Tonny tends them and takes care of the harvest of the caoutchouc. About our employer I appreciate the – also international – opportunities it offers. Moreover I like that both AGICOM and Continental Tire Andina take social responsibility and engage for their employees.

Hello, my name is Tonny Vinicio Velez Ramirez. I cut Hevea rubber trees on our plantation in order to be able to harvest their juice – the caoutchouc. And: I maintain the plants, make sure they are not infected by pests and fungi and can grow in an undisturbed way. I started with AGICOM in February 2007 and find that the company has developed well since then. We developed new plantations and more jobs for people in our region. That, the close and trusting collaboration with colleagues and the goals we have set ourselves motivate me every day.

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