Full speed ahead!

Part 3 of Alexander's story! The European tour is now over and together with his family they have already learned and seen many great things on their sabbatical...

How I Tried to Prepare Myself for the Working Life

Will the knowledge learned at university be enough to start successfully into the work life? How can one be prepared for what will happen in the next chapter? Francisca chose to write her master thesis at Continental in Portugal to better know what will expect her after studying. Read more about her thoughts and actions while she was working at Continental.

I work as a Material Developer Ensuring the Continued Evolution of Continental’s Tires

Sherry-Ann explains why she believes it is important for Continental to take risks in order to remain ahead of its competitors. Read more in her blog article about what drives her to keep stepping out of her comfort zone. Sherry-Ann is part of our new campaign “My job is done when…” You can find more stories from our colleagues around the world and also more insights into the exciting working day at Continental on our careers page: http://www.continental-corporation.com/en/career/our-people

My way to Continental

Johanna is facing many different choices. In which field will she work in future and where does she want to spend her semester abroad? Read about the journey of our dual student Johanna and find out how she found her way to Continental.

AHOJ from Zvolen

Jana introduces the Slovakian city Zvolen with its two contrary sites. Not only the spectacular nature but also technology and innovation play a key role for the residents. Read more about what makes Zvolen so special in Janas blog!