New culture, new people, new food.
These were the first three things coming to my mind when people asked me why I want to go to China. As a part of the integrated Bachelor degree course in Hanover (Germany), I got the chance to gain three months work experience abroad. Due to my earlier travels in America, I focused this time on China, especially Shanghai. Fortunately the employer branding manager had interesting projects for me and so in July 2015 I took the 11 hour flight to my new home.

Not being familiar with the language, the first days were quite hard, but McDonalds and other western restaurants helped me to survive. Coming from a village with only 3,000 inhabitants, I was shocked by the mass of people especially during rush-hour, which made it nearly impossible to have a comfortable and convenient way to work.

My colleagues in Shanghai
My colleagues in Shanghai

In contrast to this experience, I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome of my new colleagues at headquarters Continental China, who were friendly and helpful all the time. During my HR project work, I got in contact with many colleagues also from other locations, which made it very interesting. In addition to participate in the recruiting events, I got the chance to visit of our Jiading plant.

Also during this time, I had my first taste of typical chinese cuisine, which differs to the chinese food you know from Germany. Expecting spring rolls or chicken with curry, I quickly got to know the “real” chinese food which is so diversified. Starting with exotic vegetables, to special seafood and ending with many kinds of insects. There are so many new food combinations to try. I am not a fan of all of them, but I think nearly everything is worth a try. Just to be open-minded!


China is amazing mainly for travelling experience and has various scenic points, like the Yellow Mountains (Huanshan), Beijing or Hainan (called the “Hawaii of China”).
All in all my work and living experience in Shanghai was something to remember and I am really grateful to get the chance to go abroad, get to know new colleagues and experience a completely new culture.


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Julian Ragnitz

Hello my name is Julian Ragnitz, and im part of the integrated bachelor degree business administration courses in Hanover. As part of this programm, I get to know many different departments, which was the reason for going to Continental, as it offers many choices in an international environment.Starting in September 2013, I will finish my courses in August 2016.

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