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2 guys. One of them is 36 years old. The other one is 22 and they are like father and son. Like father and son? Yes. This is the relationship between the my brother Carlos Eduardo and me (Vanderson Manuel Santos). We used to live in Vera Cruz, a small city located in Itaparica’s Island (Bahia, Brasil). Being the oldest of four brothers and having not met his father, my brother Carlos was my father figure very early in the family.
Since he was 11, Carlos began working to help our mother – a fisherwoman – in supporting the family and raising siblings. The result: he became a counselor and an example for the us, especially me, with whom I still maintain a father-son relationship.

Having faced many difficulties throughout his life, Carlos has always encouraged me, his “brother-son”, to study in order to go beyond and conquer new opportunities.
He charged me good grades in school and always repeated “you have to study, that’s the only way for you”. Since I was a little kid he was my example and I have always had a lot of respect and admiration for him, which guided me throughout life in everything. My “father-brother” is a well of wisdom. It was thanks to the incentives of Carlos that I finished high school and then did a technical course in electronics.

Today we both work at Continental Pneus in Camaçari, Bahia. Carlos has been working here for 11 years, since when he moved to this metropolitan area in order to change his life. After much struggle, he started as a pigment weigher and currently works as an operator. Working at Continental, Carlos always kept an eye on the professional opportunities that popped up inside the company. Thus, he appointed me to participate in Conti’s young apprentice program and I was selected, being hired as an effective employee a year ago. I am so happy that he is proud of me. In addition to myself, Carlos now has three more children: Ana Beatriz, 11, and the twins Murilo and Miguel, 5 years. I am a father of my 2-year-old Ian Lucas. It was him who gave me all the support when I realized that I was going to be a father, accompanied my fiancée in prenatal exams, gave support that only a father can give to a son. This is Carlos Eduardo. A brother who counts as a father.

Vanderson Santtos

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