My name is Margot Davant, I am French, 20 years old and I am in senior technician degree Manager Assistant. For my studies I came to the city of Bangalore in India to do a 5 week internship at Continental in the Human resource department. The first few days were the most difficult, everything was new, the culture, the landscapes, the language, the customs, the food. That’s a lot of a blow, especially for a French girl who never left Europe. I ended up in the super district of Koramangala, a very lively place, with all the amenities necessary to spend a good time.

I was lucky to be there during the flower show, an annual event on January 26th, Republic Day, honoring the independence of India. I stayed there all day, there were a lot of lanes with small stalls selling typical products of the country and a large store of spices or fabrics of numerous colors. The next weekend I went to the temple of Krishna, a Hindu deity. I loved the beautiful architecture and the believes that I, as a Westerner, am not accustomed to.

For the last weekend I visited the Tippu Sultan Palace. But the thing that I most appreciate is the kindness and hospitality of the people of this country. Whether my colleagues or a stranger on the street everyone has always been very helpful. Thanks to the Continental company, I was able to attend many meetings, which allowed me to get to know the professional environment better. But above all, to improve my English and my networking skills.


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