Are you looking for a career that constantly pushes you upward? Are you ready to unleash your full potential and be on a team of innovators? If so, Continental could have just the career for you.

We’re on a mission to change the way the world moves – and key to that is our unique culture that aims to keep our people fulfilled and developing, professionally.

Brandon Burt is one of these people. Now a Product Manager in Research and Development, Brandon has held a number of roles with increasing responsibility during his 15 years at Continental. He recently told us all about it.

My first role at Continental really set me up well for the rest of my career.

I was a System Tester, so that gave me a lot of knowledge about our products and the experience to move upwards. When it came time, I was able to talk about basically every feature of our products and relate to people in different positions across the company, which really helped me.

I work on telematics, which are products that bring cellular connectivity into vehicles.

I’ve worked in this area of the business the entire time I’ve been here. I did the System Tester role for my first nine years, then became the Project Test Lead, where I was in charge of a team of testers. In the five years after that, I became a System Integration Lead for our Telematics Platform project, so I was responsible for testing and integration to make sure all our software modules came together into a release with quality.

In the last two years we’ve moved toward agile software development. So, now I’m Product Manager and in charge of managing the project back log and prioritizing the work for my program team.

It’s a challenge, of course, to learn how to lead other people instead of just yourself.

But Continental does offer opportunities to help you grow. There are a lot of leadership, technical, and behavioral trainings available that can be very beneficial for your career if you research them and are pro-active about participating in them.

Continental has really defined a culture for itself the last few years.

We see signs of it throughout the building. Between our core values and the direction we’re trying to go with connected vehicles, the path forward as a company is very clear. My goals for the next five years are focused on ushering in the next generation of technology and being at the forefront of it.

Getting 5G cellular capability into automotive technology will be a huge achievement. Our goal as a company is to be the global leader in telematics. We’re already achieving that in a way, but there’s still more that can be done, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.


2 thoughts on “Always moving forward: Brandon’s journey 10 years in

  1. Hi Brandon, I am interested in learning more about your business unit and your work; does it involve heavy duty vehicles? I am currently selling Electronic Logging Devices in the US and Canadian markets; our website is

    Please point me to any available information on the intranet or feel free to contact me.


    Pat Rea
    VDO RoadLog
    Sales Manager Western US and Canada

  2. Hi Pat,

    Currently, the projects I am supporting do not involve heavy duty vehicles. I will check out your website though in case such business comes up in the future.
    Best regards,
    Brandon Burt

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