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Hello, my name is Barbara Schöntges. I work as Industrial Engineering Controller in the Controlling and Finance department at the Continental plant in Villingen-Schwenningen.

My work mainly focuses on SAP calculations in all areas concerning the plant, as well as on product launches and business acquisition projects where I often act as business acquisition manager.

I have been working at the plant for more than 15 years now. Villingen-Schwenningen forms part of the Interior division’s Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM) business unit and belongs to Continental’s Central Electronic Plant (CEP) network. About 1,350 people work here.

We mainly produce tachographs and instrument clusters for commercial vehicles, but we also develop and produce telematics systems and services for fleet management. The most recent milestone was the launch of a new version of our digital tachograph last year, in a step that paves the way for the development of the intelligent tachograph (to be launched in 2019).

Over its history, the plant has seen many changes and these have of course had an impact. But it has mainly been a positive impact, generating a flexibility and willingness to accept new ideas and welcome new structures that have boosted the creativity and team spirit of the workforce. We have always been very good at mastering changes; in fact our motto is “change is an opportunity”.

I have always been very impressed by the mindset of the people who work here, both during change processes and in our everyday work. Cooperation is very good and people always find time to talk to one another, even when conditions are stressful.

In my business acquisition and calculation projects, I often have to work under considerable time pressure, but I know that I can rely on my colleagues including people outside my own team. In challenging situations, we always stay calm and professional and think outside the box. This is an invaluable asset at our plant, one that gives us a competitive edge.



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