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In July 2017 I noticed a post in a Facebook group: „We are looking for moderators for WebRadio.”

Strangely, this really intrigued me. And so I followed the announcement. I immediately knew that I just had to try this out! I bought the necessary equipment and a great microphone was gifted to me a little later for Christmas. What a surprise!

Now I had to find a name for my show. And what about the concept? Only announcing the upcoming titles was not really interesting to me. Quickly I had decided on “Anastasia on Air”. That’s me! The name gives me the freedom to focus on different types of music, be it in terms of genre or decade – complemented with interesting background information.

On November 5th it was finally the day of my first show. It was a Halloween Special. I had done a lot of research and collected the right songs and information in advance. How exciting! My premier show was a full success. There was a lot of positive feedback for my concept and my voice as well. That was truly motivating. Further shows included e.g. “Back to the 80s”, “Original vs. Cover”, “Neue Deutsche Welle”, “Voices”, “Party Time” and many more reaching from the 70s until today.

The number of my regular listeners was constantly growing. Apart from friends and family from here or far away some colleagues joined as well. Especially one dear colleague who supported my project from the very beginning. She was also the one who encouraged me to apply for an open position at “Radio Leinehertz 106.5”. The necessary moderation workshop I had finished soon. Since July 2018 I present “Anastasia on Air” every 4th Wednesday of the month from 9 to 10pm now also at Radio Leinehertz 106.5. By the way, an application is always for the period of six months but my show has already been prolonged.

Nonetheless, my WebRadio activities have not stopped because of this, the contrary is the case. My project has become a family project. My dear technician has set up a complete studio for me at my home with a digital sound mixer, an efficient computer, a high quality microphone and a little “on Air” lamp – my personal highlight! I have even been asked to do another show for WebRadio. You can also hear me on with my 2 hour show.


Don’t miss out on my shows – I can tell you: this is my passion!



My roots are in Greece but now living in Germany since 1974. Meanwhile since 1987 I am with Continental, in different functions, different locations in Hannover. Currently Assistant to Head of Marketing RE EMEA PLT. Music was always my love and doing Radio gives me so much passion, good vibration and fire which of course also leads to a lot of good energy for the job. Don't want to miss my shows? Follow me on Facebook (Anastasia Stein) or on Instagram (anastasia.on.air)

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