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Already during my apprenticeship I started studying Business Administration part time.

Now that I am done with my apprenticeship as a Specialist for Industrial Production and Sales at Continental, I can happily say that I am officially a part of the Online Relations department as a Project Manager. I am mainly responsible for the topic of Web Analytics. That means I measure how successful our web-presences are and I check for potentials, highlights and also threats to be aware of. The most important questions to ask here are on how successful we are and what we could improve. That’s a lot of statistics – but very fun and interesting to observe correlations deep in our numbers. Rounded of with strategic consultations for different country corporate websites on how to best run and organize their web presence and similar topics, I have a very divers and exciting job!

What a normal day in my life looks like?

A typical working routine starts at 6 am. I get up, have a coffee and go to the gym by bike. After my workout routine I go to the office and start off by checking my daily mails and talk to my colleagues about current tasks. Next part of my day until lunch are meetings in which I discuss topics of my projects or get in touch with colleagues to advise on some Web Analytics. After a quick start and a coffee break to chat with my colleagues I dig in some more web analytics and dive deep into the numbers to see what’s happening at Continental’s webpages. At around 5 pm I make my way out of the office and to the university to get some more studies done. I learn about business and am finished with lessons at around 9 pm. That’s a long day, but really pleasant since I love what I do, so long working hours are not an issue for me.

Next to my working life I do spent a lot of time with my family, playing guitar and going skydiving. Skydiving, as extreme as it may sound, is for me a perfect opportunity to block out work and reload my batteries. There’s not much time for thinking anyway, I’m too focused on making it safe to the ground. 😉

I know all this sounds like a lot of work, but I am passionate about my job and really love what I do. I am lucky to work with such nice colleagues and get to face so many challenges day by day that keep me growing and developing continuously. What else could you ask for?



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