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Hello, my name is Marvin. I am 20 years old and have been back in Korbach for almost two years. Currently I am working in the accounts payable department and my main task is the posting of supplier invoices.

How did you come to Continental? How did it all start?

After I finished secondary school, I was aiming for a technical high school diploma. It included a one-year internship, which I completed as a helping hand in radial tyre manufacturing. After several internships in different companies in the city of Korbach, I decided to work for an industrial company. Although there are many industrial companies in Korbach, I was only interested in working for “Conti” or Viessmann. I informed myself about the application process by talking to friends, relatives and trainers and by attending the Job Information Day.

What would you advise applicants and future trainees?

After completing intermediate secondary education, one should at least complete a specialized secondary education. In these two years you gain professional experience and you gain certain basic knowledge at school. These can be useful in vocational school and one has some small advantages over the “normal” high school graduates. Besides that, always be yourself! Especially during the job interview! It doesn’t help if you show a false interest and if you don’t enjoy your job and in the worst case, interrupt your training. The company would suffer a loss in case somebody decides to drop out of the training too. Furthermore, you should always be open and honest with your colleagues, who also try to strive for a harmonious working environment with fun and success. If you have any questions, you should always contact your colleagues because they are there to help you. That way you can also avoid mistakes.

What should not be missing in a typical working day?

It’s important to me to have fun! Personally, I enjoy my work much more when colleagues talk to each other about for example their hobbies or what they did on the weekend. Jokes and a touch of irony are a must. However, a certain degree of seriousness and respect should never be lost.

Which stations did you go through during your apprenticeship?

So far I have gained insights into different departments. I started in production for six weeks. The aim was to get to know part of the Continental product range and the production steps. I was then able to apply the knowledge I had acquired in departments such as sequencing or sales and respond accordingly to specific questions of customers. Where are the products stored after completion until dispatch? Right, in the warehouse.

There I was allowed to gain impressions for the next quarter before I went to the purchasing department for four months. My daily work day was filled with receiving inquiries, handling price negotiations and subsequently finalizing the order. It’s been 1.5 years. Now the personnel service, the education department and the personnel department were on my schedule. My daily tasks included creating job advertisements, writing receipt confirmations, scheduling and preparing job interviews and taking part in the interviews myself. I am currently working in accounts receivable accounting and will continue to work in controlling until the end of my training to support sales once more before entering the consolidation phase.

What does Continental mean to you as an employee?

To me it means pride in being a part of a large and globally operating company. In addition to constant innovations and further training opportunities, a company of this size also offers a certain degree of security.

What do you take from your hobby into the job?

I have been playing football actively for over 15 years and I like to use this team spirit in team projects and tasks which require exchanges with my colleagues. The open and clear communication can also be integrated into everyday life. Thanks to my hobby, the ability to work in a team has become even more pronounced.

Your highlight at Continental

I would describe the 2014 Conti World Championship in Sarreguemine as a highlight. Representing the Korbach plant we played soccer over the weekend against the locations from Hanover-Stöcken, Aachen and Sarreguemine. Training together, playing the games, visiting a musical in the evening or sitting together in a relaxed atmosphere made the trip an unforgettable experience. In general, we had a great time.

Short questions:

Bicycle or car? Car, as I live more than 10km away

Beach holiday or active holiday? A healthy mixture of both. Sightseeing and the culture of other countries and continents fascinate me again and again. Lazing on the beach in between is not to be missed though

Tea or coffee? Neither, I prefer a hot chocolate

Email or chat? Depends on the colleagues. Among us trainees we prefer the chat



Hello, my name is Marvin. I am 20 years old and have been back in Korbach for almost two years. Currently I am working in the accounts payable department and my main task is the posting of supplier invoices.

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2 thoughts on “Apprenticeship at Continental

  1. Hello Sir my name is Rohit.I am 21 years old and I am from India . Currently I am working in continental modipuram under training in PLT building in production department
    Sir I have been dreaming since childhood that I have a job in foreign countries, regarding a company as my family If Sir is possible then please inform me.

    1. Hello Rohit,
      Thanks for your interest and yes, it is possible to find jobs in other countries.
      All our open positions are online.
      Please follow the link and use the filters to find the job that’s most interesting for you.
      We are looking forward to receiving your application!
      Julian, Continental Career Team

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