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As part of the integrated degree program in plastics engineering, I went to China during this summer for 6 weeks. The reason for my stay at the Continental plant in Changshu was my fourth project work, which was to illustrate and implement improvements in an existing process.

But before starting to travel, I had to apply for a visa and book flights. Immediately after my fourth theory phase at university, I started. When I arrived at my first day in Changshu, I had to realize that I have to be on my own at the beginning of my trip.

At the beginning it was clear to me that, in addition to culture, language and the climate, the culture of work is significantly different from that in Germany. Despite the small start-up difficulties, it was a lot of fun to work on the project and to analyze the potential for improvements. With many improvements and lots of ideas from the Chinese colleagues, the challenge for me was to find the best possible solution and to meet all the proposals.

Generally such a project is a very great opportunity for dual students to get to know a different culture and mentality. Any experience in the course of an international stay can be used in the later professional life.

Beyond the project, I was immediately welcomed and invited to leisure activities and excursions. This enabled me to get to know Chinese culture, landscape and customs (as can be seen in the pictures).

In conclusion, I can only recommend to anyone who is given the chance to stay in another country should accept it and should gain the experience.



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