My name is Judy Au, I’m a 4th year student studying Communication and Spanish at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I started my Human Relations internship last June and have loved every minute of it!

My Role Here

With this being my first internship, I was extremely nervous but also excited to explore the field of HR. I was immediately introduced to such a wonderful company culture and felt right at home. Being at a fast-growing location with such a small HR team, I was given a lot of responsibility right off the bat. I quickly started absorbing a mass amount of information and picking up new projects. I worked closely with the Human Relations Business Partner every day and within my first month, I was doing just about everything: onboarding, employee verifications, ticketing, populating data sheets, and talent management development.

I’ve been given the opportunity to assist our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Lily, with some of her projects as well. She allowed me to prepare and facilitate an informational session at the university to help recruit potential new hires and interns. I was quite nervous, I had never spoken publicly to such a large audience, so it was a great learning opportunity to improve my public speaking skills. I learned a lot from that experience, and now I can comfortably say that the next session will be even better.

Overall, my role here goes beyond what was written in the job description. When people ask me what I do, it’s hard to encompass everything without having to talk their ears off! Aside from my daily tasks, I try to pick up new projects or help my colleagues in any way. I even stepped up to the role of intern manager, which I have to say is one of my favorite aspects of what I do here.

Why I Love What I Do

The view from our office

As an intern manager, I coordinate monthly intern luncheons during the summer and quarterly ones during the school year. I’m lucky to have my two co-managers, Victoria and Julie, to work with on these projects. Here, we develop bonding activities or workshops that would benefit my peers. Our last luncheon included a gift exchange and we went around talking about our favorite aspects of our roles in the company. While some of my peers have come and gone during my time here, I’m always excited to welcome new members into our Conti family. It’s been rewarding to watch them grow and learn to love this place as much as I do!

Another reason why I love working at Continental, is that I never feel like just another intern. I truly feel valued here and often find myself as the first point of contact for my colleagues with any HR related issue. While I may not always have an answer, it provides me the opportunity to be constantly learning and improving my skills. It drives me to do better and be better. Also, who wouldn’t love to work right next to the beach?

What’s Next?

While my internship comes to an end in July, I do hope to continue my career in HR with Continental. I plan to apply for the Corporate HR Graduate Program (fingers crossed!) and use this opportunity to not only grow in this field but travel as well! Either way, I’m very grateful for such a rewarding internship, and I look forward to seeing where my next adventure takes me.



HR Intern at Continental in Santa Barbara, California.

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