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For some children in Braşov, Rumania, each school start is marked by poverty. Many of them miss the start because they lack school supplies, clothing and shoes. Continental Brasov joined the campaign initiated by the Joy of Gift giving Foundation  to help the children there with the necessary items for the beginning of the school year.

The adopted children by our colleagues in this campaign are regularly visited by the representatives of the Joy of Gift giving Foundation in order to strengthen their relationship with them during the whole school year, thus encouraging them to attend school.

“In our dreams there is at least one village where each child has received a school bag with a pair of shoes and the motivation for another school year.

A year without shame. Without the pressure of not having anything to wear, without the weight of not having a notebook for more than one class and without the accusatory looks of some classmates. None would suffer from the lack of school supplies and joy is on everyone’s face. And that smile, to have received something new, only for them, would lighten up our day.

It happens many times that people have common dreams and meet in the desire to do good for others. Our Continental team has that common dream, and with help of the Joy of Gift giving Foundation we transform it into reality. That happened in Veneția, where reality was beyond expectations. Greater joy than we would have expected and the children’s faces were shining from happines that words cannot describe it. A lot of joy also for us, knowing that none of those children would miss to explore an exciting school year.

An emotional event, which involved people looking for others with a shared dream  and happy children. What can you possibly want more from a warm September?

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