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Hi everyone,

My name is Tolga Eren. I am 23 years old and started to study chemistry at Continental in October.

Already after graduating school I was thinking about studying Chemistry. However, in the end I decided for an apprenticeship at Continental in Weißbach as a laboratory chemist. During this time and the following work in the laboratory, I recognizes that this job and this course of studies is what fits me best. For me, my studies are therefore the logical consequence, “the next step”, to develop further and to reach my goals.

I am glad that Continental gives me the chance to develop further and to study this degree program. It is not only easier to get access to practical work, but also the financial benifits gives me the opportunity to fully concentrate on my studies. This is worth a lot!

In general I like to work in the laboratories. It offers a large variety and I am not stuck the whole day at my fixed workplace starring at a computer. Of course, the working atmosphere is very important for me, too.

During my studies I hope that I get the opportunity to gain a better insight into Continental than I already have. I also would like to dig even deeper in the material of chemistry so I can work actively on important projects. Particularly, I am interested in the organic chemistry. This field has been my favorite one already during school and during apprenticeship.

Through my time in the company, I want to actively participate in projects and develop products. I want to be proud of word and of projects I participated in.

Where do I see myself in five years? Well, hopefully I have accomplished my bachelor and master degree and I can apply my whole collected know-how in my job. Another five years later, I would like to work in a job with responsibility, but still in the laboratories at Continental.



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