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During my dual study program (ContiBachelor) I’m going to support a team in Shanghai during one of my practical trainings. I’m realizing it a little bit more since I got my passport back with a valid visa, but I think I’ll really realize it fully when I’ll be on my way. A roller coaster of emotions & a long-existing dream, which is finally coming true.

But back to the beginning – first of all I asked myself the questions: Where do I wanna go? What fits me? Because of the fact that we have the freedom to organize the departments for our practical trainings mostly on our own, we can choose geared to our personal interests. It’s also the same for our cross move – we are free to choose country and department, but they have to say yes and have to have the capacities. For me Asia was set and China has been my first choice for a long time. The intranet offers various opportunities to find departments and contacts all over the world, but also travel- and visa information regarding individual countries. Especially the latter is a very important topic for travelling to China. After all I got my contact to Shanghai through my actual department. I sent my CV to China and had some phone calls. Both HR departments had to approve and I got my approval after a clarifying conversation. That’s very important, because everything has to be clear for everyone. With the approval it was time to kick off for everything else.

Booking flights
Immediately I requested my flights to use price benefits. The whole procedure was very simple and happened very fast. The flight data are also key features for applying for visa documents and needed for the letter of invitation. It’s really uncool when you want to immigrate to China, but the visa isn’t valid yet.

Procurement of visa documents
To apply for visa various documents and a passport are needed. I needed a signed letter of invitation from my Chinese department and also special pictures. The earliest date to apply for visa is 50 days before entering the country and all documents have to be very new. I was already in the time slot and in time to procure all required documents.

Looking for accommodation
Because it’s really expensive to sleep in a hotel for the whole time I decided to look for a room in a shared flat. Another dual student connected me with a contact in Shanghai and within days my address in the big city was also fixed.

Application for visa
As mentioned above I was already in the time window for applying for the visa documents. So I filled out all required documents together with the support of my colleagues. We sent everything to the Visa Dienst Bonn by curier, who took everything to the Chinese Consulate General. That also didn’t take much time and within 6 days I got my passport back to my desk.

Travel advice / vaccination
Because it’s a business trip my vaccination status e.g. have to be checked by our company doctor. There is also a special first-aid kit for some countries.

These have been my biggest topics so far and at the same time I also take care of smaller topics like debit card, additional travel health insurance, looking for possible tourist destinations, going on with learning Chinese and so on …

… and in some weeks it’s time for “leaving on a jet plane” and saying „你好 上海!“


Niklas Karow

Niklas Karow

I started my dual education at Continental in 2015. Since then I am part of the Facebook Content Team Hanover.

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