To celebrate the Chinese New Year and to enhance the department bond, our Continental ID CDT Department has held a pre-CNY celebration by having a very lively hot pot lunch together.

The event started with “Yu-Sheng” tossing or also known as “Lo-hei”. “Lo-hei” is a prosperity toss of “Yu-Sheng”. “Yu-Sheng” is a Chinese salad that consists of strips of raw fish and a variety of shredded vegetables. To promote the “For One Another” spirit, we decided to have a vegetarian “Lo-hei” where fish is eliminated so that our vegetarian colleagues can join in the fun too.


The base ingredients are served first and all diners at the table will proceed to toss the shredded ingredients while saying various auspicious wishes. It is believed that the higher you toss, the better fortune you will have.

After an appetizing “Yu-Sheng”, we had a hot pot lunch that lived up the event to a climax. Everyone surrounded the pot together, scooping out the ingredients and having a great conversation while eating. This created a great atmosphere of closeness.

At the end of the event, two lovely mascots played by our colleagues appeared and gave away chocolates which represented “happiness” and “luck”. The celebration finally ended with laughter and great joy.

This Chinese New Year celebration has engaged everyone of the department beyond work and has motivated us to face the new challenges in the new year. We are looking forward to our next department event.




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