Walther Rathenau said “To think means to compare” in 1953. To be able to compare, you need to collect impressions. You can get a lot of these impressions during an internship at Continental Tyre in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)!Demography of Malaysia

There are three big demographic groups within the Malaysian population: the native Malaysian, the Chinese and the Indians. In sum, with the experts from Europe and America, there are five segments of society running the plant. Additionally, all of the three main religions are present, the Christianity, the Islam and the Hinduism. In my opinion, these facts make Malaysia unique. It is nice to see how all these people with different backgrounds are working respectfully and peacefully together.

I am very pleased to get the chance from the binding program ProMotion to do an internship in this environment. You are not only collecting work experience and improving your English skills. Also all these social impressions let me think about the basic attitudes from Germany.
For example, the Indians are eating with their fingers. After a first feeling of dislike you learn that they are washing their fingers very cleanly before meals. They take only the right hand and they have a technique to keep the fingers clean during eating. With this knowledge, I started thinking about the disadvantages to eat with your fingers. All in all, I ended up with the opinion that this extraordinary behavior has to be appreciated in every way.

I think these experiences make your thinking more independent from prejudices and opinions delivered through the daily news and the media. This is supported by the circumstance that you are able to feel the way how things work out differently in a real life situation.Lion Dance

But you do not only collect social impressions. On the weekends or on the numerous public holidays from all three religions, we are travelling a lot. You are able to see beautiful islands, the rainforest far away from the civilization, big cities and different political systems, e. g. democracy and communism as well as economically poor and rich countries. I have visited eight countries within my internship.

Thus, I collected a lot of far-reaching impressions to make extensive comparisons for the future.


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Florian Uhrig

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  1. I was looking for the trainee programs in the website, your post is motivating. Hope you had a nice trip throughout all these countries you mentioned. Cheers. Krishh

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