Personally, I never knew there was so much more to tires than being on a car. This will be a synopsis of how my road with Continental began.

In 2010, I received a call that I was waiting for all my life; I had been given an opportunity to join the Sales & Marketing team as a trainee. I remember how happy I felt; finally my life was taking a full turn. A week later, I packed my bags and headed to the bus station in Johannesburg and took upon a journey of over a 1,000 km to Port Elizabeth.  I was overcome by the feeling of sadness when I had to leave my family and friends but I knew in the end the sacrifice will be worthy.

 After approximately 12 hours of the bus ride, I was greeted by the fresh sea breeze of the friendly city, Port Elizabeth. It was challenging considering this was my first working experience. The greatest moments are when you meet people who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge, my gratitude to all my mentors. Fast forward to the year 2013: I can comfortably say I am part of the winning team – Continental Tires. I am now permanently working as a Sales Admin Coordinator and the learning still continues.

I have made friends and some I call family; we share every occasion together and most importantly, a bond. Therefore, I must admit…the sacrifice has been worthy!


If you want to know more about Continental Tires in South Africa please visit the South African Homepage.

Thuli Kure

Thuli Kure

Sales Admin Co-ordinator based at the Port Elizabeth plant.

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