Hello everybody, some days ago one of Germany’s biggest career fairs, which is called bonding, took place at the technical university of Berlin. At two days 82 different companies provided detailed information about their working field, jobs and many other things to around 6000 students. This career fair is for all students a perfect opportunity to catch up on many details about the different firms, internships, working student jobs, trainee programs but also to become acquainted with their preferred employer or even to find out more about direct employments after their studies.

Our booth team

As a matter of being the biggest automobile supplier all over the globe, Continental also attended the bonding fair. It has been a pleasure for me being part and supporting the fair team in the course of Continental’s participation. Five representatives from different fields like human resources, from the Continental trainee programs and of specialized departments were happy to answer any questions concerning our company. All of us shared our working experiences and communicated Continental’s outstanding business culture. We described the advantages of working for Continental, and its incredible possibilities in this company for students from different kinds of fields. Especially our four values: “Trust”, “Freedom to act”, “Passion to win” and “For One another”, which are indeed lived values in order to support daily work. This was also one of the main topics of interest, which many students wanted to learn more about. Hence it is not surprising that our exhibition booth was frequented all over the day and one of the most visited ones. The students showed lots of interest and reported wishing to be a part of Continental too.

First information exchange on this day

But nevertheless a lot of students where kind of surprised about Continental’s position as an automotive component supplier for OEMs. They associated Continental only with tire manufacturing. I do understand this because, to be honest, I was in the same situation some years ago. But I was happy to tell them more about the different fields of specialization of Continental and to share my experiences with them. I hope I was able to pass on some of the ‘Conti Spirit’ to them.

And the award goes to... us!
And the award goes to… us!

As a special offer the visiting students had the chance to join a survey called “students favorite” during the fair and by this evaluate all exhibition partners. According to this evaluation, the three best companies were awarded. The students voted Continental as the second best exhibition team right behind Porsche, the most famous OEM of German sports cars. This was a more than outstanding result taking into account all the other famous companies, which participated that day. Summarizing the event, it can be said that it was an exciting day and I learned a lot. Since it was my first fair as member of one of the exhibiting companies, it was even more special and interesting.  All in all I am feeling honored to represent the Continental AG and it was a lot of fun.


You can find further information on career opportunities at Continental here.

Sebastian Eisenkraetzer

Sebastian Eisenkraetzer

I am currently writing my Master thesis at department of Operations Engineering in Berlin. During my studies of industrial Engineering i worked in different departments in different locations of Continental. Latest station was in R&D Strategy and Planning at Continental Berlin (Powertrain, BU HEV) where i developed the WIKI of the Enterprise Resource Planning tool. During my Bachelor i could work as an intern and working student at Continental Babenhausen, Germany (Interior, Instruments & Drivers HMI) where i could advised me for ProMotion program of Continental. I wrote my Bachelor thesis there as well in departement Launch planning. There i optimized processes during planning phases. Between finishing my Bachelor degree and starting my Master degree i had the opportunity to work for four month at Continental Cuautla, Mexico in department of Industrial Engineering (Chassis and Safety, BU EBS).

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