I’ve been with Continental for over 26 years and enjoyed my professional journey all along. I got to experience a multitude of challenges, cultures, products, great people, and successes. What I enjoy most are the opportunities Continental offers as well as the amazing people I get to work with globally. I’ve seen employees growing beyond what they ever believed they would be able to accomplish.

I’ve spend the last years with the Business Unit Instrumentation & Driver HMI within Division Interior. We have very impressive products that are highly visible to the driver and in the focus of every automobile company. Here is a picture of an Instrument Cluster as an exampleLooks sharp, doesn’t it? It’s a lot of fun marketing, selling, developing, and producing these kind of products. In addition I worked with a strong global team and customers. I feel very fortunate to having had this experience.

A few weeks ago a new opportunity opened up for me. The position that presented itself to me seemed like what I always wanted to do. Although I love what I’m doing right now as well as the people I work with, my goal is and has been to continue to grow, be challenged, and contribute to Continental’s success. Hence I decided to apply. What do you know, I got the position!

A big shout out to my global team that accompanied me through the last years. I’m very grateful for your support and proud of what you’ve accomplished. This is an exciting next step in my professional adventure. I look forward to it. Stay tuned for more!

Martin Baumeister

Martin Baumeister

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