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I am currently a year 3 undergraduate pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). I have been with Continental as an intern since June 2018. Being assigned to Body & Security (B&S) Business Unit, we deal with a few interior car components, mainly the Central Body Control Module (BCM) and the RKE & PASE system. Cars have always been a fascination to me. Therefore, I was excited to learn about the mechanics and technical aspects of automobiles when I was presented with this internship opportunity.

Prior to joining Continental, I had minimal engineering work experience. Thankfully, work here has been highly relevant to certain modules taught back in NTU. Coupled with the highly pleasant work culture and environment, I have been able to comprehend information and thus, helped out in my department. The main scope of work assigned to me is designing hardware components based on the customer’s specifications. It is extremely crucial that these information is well organized and maintained with zero error.

                                                           Continental tour with NTU students

Recently, a group of NTU students visited Continental as part of their industrial tour, to better understand how an automotive company functions. It was my pleasure to share with them about my experience here. It is truly fulfilling to see many fellow students having the same passion towards engineering, albeit many being skeptical and worried that they are unable to apply what they’ve learnt in school to work. Personally, grasping new information is not impossible as evident in our daily jobs.

In conclusion, internship thus far has been an eye opener. The greatest takeaway would definitely be understanding how an engineering industry works; how products are pieced together and function successfully, and not forgetting the camaraderie and rapport forged.






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