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Jingle Bells called the Christmas spirits of Continental Brasov family in the afternoon of 10th of December, on our Junior Christmas Party. The 200 juniors enjoyed a special event organized by Santa’s elves, which started with “Snow White”, played by the actors from Happy Teatru, Brașov.

With a series of workshops, we drew  our juniors into a wonderfull Christmas world . Acivities like painting or handcraft meant to challenge their creativity. The paintings and the Christmas balls created were worth being the subject of a genuine exhibition, especially since a helpful hand was offered by the seniors. For a few hours, all of them left the daily worries behind and joined Elsa’s dancing, together with Rudolph and Olaf.

Our teenage guests enjoyed the Virtual Reality experience in the Escape Room – Summer Residence for Santa’s Elves. They all defeated gravitation and they beamed out of the Space for several missions stirring for the Christmas spirit by means of a „local” Avatar.  The mission was successfully accomplished and the Christmas spirit carried us all into the magic of childhood.

Winter tales and childhood stories also glimpsed on everyone’s cheeks; they came out of Elsa’s pencil, while Magic Mirror offered snapshots of such happy moments.

We know for sure that our juniors are well-behaving, so even Santa Claus came by as the main attraction. Not to mention that we had the real one, with the long white beard, who’s a big fan of gingerbread.

The evening ended up in a big pillow-fight out of which Santa came alive. However, I am still wondering where Rudolf ended up – he’s such a lame duck… We almost risked hosting Santa till’ next year at Continental!

Juniors or not, in Continental we always hold a special place for some magic. Even when Santa is not here.

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