Building an Inclusive, Human Culture

Brittany Decker tells people she gets to talk on the phone for a living – and enjoys it. As one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists, she’s the first person a potential Continental employee meets. Here’s what an engineer of our culture has to say about it.

Virginia Plant Shifts Gears, to Make COVID-19 Face Shields

The plastic windows that you see on a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top roof? That’s what our manufacturing facility in Winchester, Virginia, normally makes. But when COVID-19 struck, the plant showcased its agility and team culture. Tim Ray, Reliability Engineering Manager, and Billy Brown, Team Leader Coordinator on the machinery that makes the face shields, tell us about it.

Jon Stone: “That Was a Sign to Me: Keep Working on This”

In the wake of tragedy, it’s Jon Stone’s mission to make wrong-way driving fatalities a thing of the past. Our Head of Program Management Research and Advanced Engineering in North America tells us about the technology he and a team of passionate colleagues are developing – and the deep sense of purpose it provides.