Continental employees going for a three week breathtaking race across India in nothing more than an auto-rickshaw raising awareness and money for children whose lives rely on artificial breathing.

Six venturous adrenaline-junkies dare to do one of the craziest challenges the 21st century has to offer. The location of the event is the country of the maharajahs, the Taj Mahal and its 1.4 bn inhabitants. Without even a bit of a clue what a rickshaw looks like, only driven by their curiosity, they want to join a race. Not any race – the steeped in legend and life-threatening RICKSHAW RUN.

Every year, 70 teams from all over the world are crazy enough to join in on this weary journey. It only takes three wheels and 7 HP to challenge these people fitted with a death wish. Every participant will be pushed to their individual physical and psychological breaking point during these 2,200 miles. Four different climate zones, 2,500 meters altitude difference and temperature differences of 30°C – just to name a few of the possible opponents to turn this trip into a never expected nightmare.

For everyone who hasn’t had enough and hasn’t bailed out yet – the real final enemy is the Indian Monsoon. Mudslides, destroyed bridges and primary roads that are turned into the Grand Canal of Venice – the Monsoon is at its peak during August. Statistically, every third team is going to surrender – every year.

Who are these crazy adventurers, willing to push their own limits that far?

It’s dead simple: Torben, Chris, Shek, Fred, Felix and myself. Six friends sharing the same strive – longing for faraway places and exploring the unknown. Even though living and working in different locations our paths crossed at some point in the past and recently this idea was brought up. Nobody was ever of doubt that we wouldn’t join this stupid race.

Chris & Felix Torben & Fred Paul & Shek

Three out of the six team members happen to work for Continental. Felix being currently on an international assignment in Hangzhou (China) in ContiTech Grand Ocean Fluid, Shek developing nordic passenger car tires in Hanover (Germany) and Paul taking over the responsibility as field application engineer for port tires in the business unit commercial specialty tires.

It will take nerves of steel, sleepless nights and utter resilience to overcome all the breathtaking obstacles on the way. Breathtaking? A phrase we use without thinking much about it – fortunately most of us cannot imagine the literal content. Yet, there are some brave volunteers out there who have started a charity named “Kinderhaus Luftikus”.

This charitable organization is dedicated to improve the lives of children who cannot breath without artificial respiration support. Located in Baiersbronn in the Black Forest, this charity is currently refurbishing old farm buildings and turning them into a new home for children suffering from respiration problems. It is there that the children can grow up in a ‘normal’ environment. Since we believe that this is an incredibly worthy and honorable cause, we aim to use the opportunity that our trip offers and fund-raise for this project.

Blick auf die Terasse | view on the terrace

Interested? Curious? Want to find out more the 3,500km route? What does an auto-rickshaw look like? Who are the six crazy dudes? What is Luftikus? What is your role in this entire story? How can you support us? What are the funds exactly used for? You can find all information on our website:

The official race kick-off will take place on the 5th of August. Until the kick-off and of course during the race we will keep updates on our website. You can also follow us on facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Looking foreward to hear from you.

Your Team CoolRunningsIndia

Paul Naglatzki

Paul Naglatzki

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