Life@Conti has always been filled with a lot of fun and excitement, whether it was Germany, China , India or now South Korea. Every country comes along with a rich culture and tradition and a new learning experience. Here is just a short list of my experience with the different work environments.


Germany teaches you perfection and punctuality, China teaches you that everything and anything is possible, Korea says welcome to our country… thank you for your idea.. but please understand, that we have been working in this way all our lives and we don’t find anything wrong with it and India to a considerable extent says welcome to reality or maybe I put it this way. The procedural aspects and bureaucratic structures in the world’s largest democracy make it a challenge to implement. The complex cultural and geographical environment also makes work challenging but fun. It is a huge learning experience and provides many opportunities to be innovative and encourages entrepreneurship, especially ones who have high aspirations and want to slog it out.

Me with my chinese colleagues

The kind of infrastructure and supplier base and networks that Germany and China enjoy, don’t exist in India. Hence there is a lot of additional effort that needs to be put in to ensure that things move smoothly and efficiently.

South Korea has been a challenge. It has been an environment where discussing topics in a meeting which points out to deviations in working style  is viewed as an insult and the  retaliation is either very strong or complete silence or blockade of information. It is a very delicate situation to be in. I believe majority comes from the Market in South Korea which is naturally dominated by the big domestic players. Foreign companies are yet to make the kind of impact they have made in other Asian countries. Korea definitely has been the biggest challenge so far, organizationally!

In India

The most complex work environment is what India & China provide owing to the vast diversity of cultures and languages and varying climatic conditions. For someone who is used to working in a very well structured and organized work environment in Germany, work in India and China exposes you to a harsh reality. Out there is a cut throat competition and people are just waiting to take your place in the market at the faintest hint of error from your side. It is always a tough race out here. That is the fun element as well! Being challenged at all times is the best that an employee can ask for when he is starting off with his career in an organization that has a huge global footprint.

Me with my german colleagues

The secret to a successful work, however, is to know the language. It opens up all avenues of interacting with everyone in the plant and this builds up a better team and a better understanding of the work to be done. Teamwork forms a very important and integral part of building a successful organization.

In the end I would just put it this way:

Germany says we should do it, China says we will do it, Korea is complicated and India says we know we should do it. India and China teach you the harsh realities of life and Germany teaches you how to make it better, Korea teaches you patience! Lots of it 🙂

Me with my korean colleagues
Srikrishna Bhogaraju

Srikrishna Bhogaraju

My association with Continental AG started as an intern with Continental Temic in March 2011 followed by my Master thesis which gave me an entry into ContiTech AG and now I am a part of the ContiTech Management Program. I am currently assigned in India at ContiTech India Private Limited and my daily schedule includes looking into various aspects concerning the overall working of the plant with the main focus being on Development projects apart from Production Planning and Quality improvement. This apart I also look into standardizing the procedures and bringing in effective managerial practices working along with the entire Team here at our Plant in Sonepat, Haryana, India. Now through the People@Continental Blog I wish to connect to a wider audience at Conti and would love to share my experiences and at the same time read the experiences of others at Continental AG.

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