I enjoy my work because I work together with colleagues of various nationalities. Be it Singaporeans, Malaysians, Koreans, Indians, Filipinos, Chinese, Germans, Japanese, Thais and more.

Most of our customers are Japanese car manufacturers. With my team we also collaborate in Research & Development teams in Germany, Korea, China, India and Malaysia.

I joined Continental in 2006 as a software engineer. I had the opportunity to go to Germany for four months to do a training. It was my first time in Europe so I was more than excited to get to know another culture. With a new technology in my backpack I came back to Singapore.

Since 2006 till today the unit I work in grew from 30 engineers to more than 400. Working in a culturally diverse company taught me to look at problems from a different perspective. One of the biggest challenges I remember is our first full design project to develop an instrument cluster. usually this takes six to nine months. We had to do it in three! In addition our customer did not speak English and we had to translate all the communication, which of course takes time, too. As technical communication in Japan is usually done with diagrams, we in also had to learn to present information in a different way. But: We overcame the challenges! The satisfaction that we achieve from a successful vehicle launch is priceless. It keeps me motivated and makes me love my job!


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Marilyn Yong

I work in the business unit Instrumentation and Driver Human Machine Interface. It specialises in equipment such as instrument clusters (the dashboard component in vehicles), heater control panels and secondary displays. I am leading a team of engineers in the segment that focusses on Asian car manufacturers. I graduated in electrical and electronics engineering from Nanyang Technological University and joined Continental as a software engineer in 2006.

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