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Hello, my name is Jessica and I am the Overall Coordinator of the Automotive DRIVE Graduate Program. The title of the Program is not only a name but also a competence we expect from our graduates. To be the DRIVEr of their own career.

What is the DRIVE Program about – what do we offer the DRIVErs to create that career?

To provide the graduates with optimal conditions to drive with Continental our Graduate program offers global insights into specific work areas and structures of Continental.

During the 24 months, we the Coordination Team actively accompany our DRIVErs in performing in their Assignments and are organizing various events like the kick-off event when a new generation starts and of course the closing event when a generation finishes the 2 years program. We also facilitate different tailor-made trainings and networking events.

Together with the recruiting center in Hanover we are searching for talents our Generation 18. Start of the new Generation is May 2019. Generation 19 will follow soon in October 2019.


About me:

In May 2018 I took over the role – Overall Coordination of the DRIVE Program, located in Regensburg. Mainly I am responsible for the conceptual design and the content of the program as addressed above. To get the right DRIVErs I am working closely together with the colleagues of the Recruiting Center in Hanover. Also, I can count on the support of our Divisional Coordinators: Theresa Antony (Powertrain), Antje Dietze (Chassis&Safety) and Lisa Marie Multerer (Interior). To us it is very important to generate commitment to our young talents, so a close and regular communication is essential.

Before that I have been working in the local department in Roding (Recruiting) and Regensburg (HR Business Partner) for ten years. So somehow, I grew up with Continental as well as our DRIVErs do.

Are you interested in becoming a DRIVEr?

For interested candidates the recruiting starts with the application via our online tool. Within a second step our colleagues from Hanover Recruiting Center screen all the applications, if the profile (Master Degree, experience abroad (internship / semester abroad) or practical experience) is fulfilled. A passed Continental Online Assessment allows the participation in one of our DRIVE Assessment Centers either in Regensburg of in Frankfurt. It is a challenging day for both, the candidates and even for us, the Assessors. But every time it is an exciting day where we get to know motivated, young talents and most of the times we do have fun.


You want to be a DRIVEr?

Then click here to view the DRIVE job description. The first assessment center already took place in Regensburg, but we still have a few to go! We are looking forward reading your application.


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