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How did you get to the dual study of industrial engineering?

The bachelor study program for industrial engineering has exactly the right combination to meet my Interests. Furthermore, it was my desire to take part in a dual study program. The combination of theory and practice convinced me. Moreover, a nice advantage is the easier start into practical work life. Continental offered me exactly this opportunity and it has always been my first choice.

What was your motivation for the master?

With making my master studies I wanted to improve and specialize my skills to be prepared for future challenges at work. The dual system of my bachelor course of studies convinced me to do it the same way.

What exactly is your position now?

I am working in the Sales department at Phoenix for almost 3 years now. My main tasks are key account management and order processing. We sell rubber compounds for customers around the tire industry and retreading.


Are you currently involved in projects?

Yes, I am now working with 4 colleagues on the project “Customer Project Management” from the quality program of Phoenix Compounding Technology GmbH. Our goal is to fulfil the requirements of our customers following a defined project management plan for customer projects, in order to achieve a higher customer satisfaction. Furthermore I am participating in internal projects such as, for example the optimization of SAP and the introduction of Office 365.

What was your biggest challenge so far?

During my studies I got the opportunity to study a semester abroad in Bilbao, Spain. It was a challenge at the beginning which turned out to be a wonderful experience. I have learned a lot during that period, discovered different cultures and made new friends all over Europe.

 Can you actually talk about a work-life balance?

At Continental, work-life balance is a serious issue. There is mobile work away from the “normal workplace”, flextime and the possibility to take a sabbatical. This allowed a work-life balance even during the study. For my own compensation, I like to go to the gym after a challenging day.

If yo had to recommend three things to dual students, what would that be?

  • “If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.” (Marc Anthony)
  • Stamina is still necessary in exam phases.
  • Enjoy the time as a student. It’s over faster than you think 😉
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