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My wedding during the Let’s Cook Business Model Challenge.


My name is Arthur Gasparoti, I am 30 years old and I come from São Paulo, Brazil. I am working at Continental in Itapevi, Brazil as product coordinator, being the local responsible for innovation as well.

How did I come to Continental? In 2015, when I was employed at a big Brazilian company, I was working with a sales guy from Continental. What impressed me was the ethical way he was working which is something I really worshiped. And he raved about Continental. That’s when I knew, I had to apply there. So I moved straight from purchasing to sales which was a good change for my career. I have worked in different functions, but innovation is the one I enjoy most.

The first ContiTech air spring produced in Brazil.

If I had to describe myself, I would say I’m a very funny and open-minded person. I like to see people smile and I always try to provoke humor and make jokes. That’s really important to me – not only in my private life but also at work. I am sure teams working in a good atmosphere perform better. So during our project at Let’s Cook, I always tried to keep up the good spirit. Even though, it was a very intense time, we had a lot of fun! We became friends during the project and I would even say we were like a family. Just like brothers and sisters, we fought each other, but we also loved each other. I guess, every discussion we had, ended with a chocolate. Keeping up the good spirit and humor definitely helped us achieving our goal.

When I first heard about Let’s Cook, I was extremely excited. I like to be challenged and I felt this was a great opportunity to push myself hard. When I was younger, I studied theater and that is why I like to give presentations – especially funny ones, but of course I can also perform on the serious stage if needed. Delivering good work is also very important to me. During a challenge, I like to push and motivate myself and the team, keeping the spirit always up. For example, our team got the information that we had to present our project one week earlier than expected to the executive board. So we had to work very hard and commit ourselves entirely to the project. But it payed off. Getting such a positive feedback from Mr. Duensing after all that hard work was one of the most emotional moments during the challenge.

My wife and I during the first two months of the Let’s Cook challenge in Germany.

Of course, I will continue working on the project. In October, I am going back to Germany together with my wife for two more years. She came with me to Hanover during the first two months of the challenge. Then we went back to Brazil, traveled to another place, got married and then I went back to Germany without her for the challenge. I am very grateful that she is so supportive, but I guess I owe her a honeymoon now. We both are excited about living in Germany for the next two years. Even though everyone says Germans are cold, I don’t think so. I like their humor and their way of having strong friendships. And of course their chocolate! But something, I think is funny, is taking the train. You can just enter the train and sometimes, no one even checks your ticket! This never happened to me before. And there is bread for everything – for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. Since I really like to cook, I don’t know if I will ever get used to that part.

I can say Let’s Cook was the perfect stage for me! A serious one, but also a very funny one with great experiences. I worked together with a great team and grew with every challenge we faced. And it gave me the chance to work abroad for some time. I am grateful for the possibility to participate and I can encourage all others to make use of such opportunities within Continental. You will definitely benefit from it!


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  1. I am so proud of my husband and for the work he has done over this year with the Let’s Cook Business Model Challenge. It’s so inspiring to see how dedicated he is in order to achieve his dreams. My heart is so full and I am so blessed! 🙂

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