On 5th and 6th of May 2015, eXplore Tires Trainees consisting of M&E, R&D and CO pool had a wonderful and great opportunity to visit Puchov plant, home to Continental Matador in Slovakia. Continuing the tradition from the previous trainee pool, this event was held in intention to expose the trainees to the shop floor experience and to give the first impression of real life tire manufacturing processes in a tire plant. The main expectations were to understand what makes the plant so special in the world of Continental, to gain insight into some technologies that only can be seen in Puchov and ideas about the future developments that could come.

On the first day, our agenda started with the introductory presentation by Mr. L. Rosina (Plant Manager CVT) and Mr. A. Vatala (Plant Manger PLT) which emphasized the business strategy and future development of the plant. The presentation was followed by a tour to PLT and CVT production areas later in the evening. The tour was a great success and we were impressed on the technologies that exist as well as on the high level of automation in tire manufacturing. The tour was continued the next day focusing on details in some areas of interests such as the new apex bead machines, the mixing hurricanes, the tread extrusion, the quality controls and the technology center.

We were totally satisfied and our expectations have been completely fulfilled. Long story short, the plant visit brings a lot of benefits in term of knowledge and know-how especially for R&D trainees who doesn’t have the opportunity to experience hands-on in tire manufacturing before. From my point of view, learning by observation on how the tires were made was very interesting. When all the tire components were assembled in the tire building machine we sawa very high technology in automation. Thanks for the great hospitality and warm welcome from Puchov!



Graduated in Electronic Engineering from local university in Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). Has been with Continental Tyre AS Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Alor Setar, Malaysia since April 2014 and current based in Hannover, Stoeken in Manufacturing & Engineering (M&E) March 2015 eXplore Trainee Pool.

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