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My name is Florian and I am an engineer in the team of Global Operations at ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group (CBG). Primarily at days when the colleagues are on business trips and the whole office is empty, I spend a day in home office and save the way to work. From my desk at home I can carry out my tasks, which mainly include the exchange with my direct colleagues in Hungary and Greece. Therefore I use my mobile phone and my laptop provided by the company, that I usually carry with me on business trips. I was especially surprised by the efficiency with which I fulfill my tasks from home. In a private surrounding I really can get deeper into the topics and often I totally forget the time. So I have to slow myself down sometimes and take breaks deliberately.

What is really practical: When telephone or video conferences are scheduled early in the morning due to time difference, I can handle them easily after getting up without having to get myself ready for the day and to go to the plant before. Afterwards I often have a calm breakfast and can start the day in a relaxed way.

Anyway I don’t want to miss my workplace in the office of CBG Northeim. Whether during a talk inbetween or in team meetings: Out of an exchange with my colleagues often new, productive ideas on current projects derive. For me mobile work is a great addition to the fixed office hours and offers me more flexibility.    

For more info on mobile work as part of the “Future Work: Flexibility“ initiative click here.

Finja Ostermann-Emden

Finja Ostermann-Emden

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