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Back during their studies, some of our colleagues at Conti discovered and proved their automotive passion with Formula Student – just like me. But what exactly is Formula Student?

Formula Student is an international design competition for students who form teams to design and build a racing car. The car is then judged in various disciplines. The disciplines judged include both dynamic and static events. In the static events, such as Business Plan and Cost Report, the team’s economists must convince the judges with their entrepreneurial and creative thinking, skill with numbers and enthusiasm. The cars are then put through their paces in the dynamic events, which see these self-built vehicles face a variety of challenges. Longitudinal and lateral acceleration are demonstrated both separately in the Acceleration and Skidpad events as well as combined in the Autocross discipline. The principal discipline, Endurance, requires a demonstration of stamina, fuel economy and driving ability.

Verena and Michael Wiesinger with Jenny5e from Fast Forest at FSG Hockenheim 2013


Even today, I am still fascinated by Formula Student. During my studies, I found it unbelievably exciting to get involved on both the technical side, in developing the electric powertrain, and the business side, in acting as a point of contact for Conti. I was and still am very aware that this project would not be possible without the generous support of the sponsors, which makes me all the more delighted that I’m now standing on the other side and can be the technical point of contact at Continental for my former Formula Student team from Deggendorf. This means that I not only get to follow the development of both the team and their racing car with my own eyes, I’m also on hand to provide support.

Formula Student is an experience that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone. It is definitely an “all in or nothing” decision and even made me arrive an hour late to the first date with my wife. However, I would never like to miss this experience. Whether you love tinkering about with cars, going the extra mile to squeeze out the best possible performance, dream of turning your ideas into reality or simply want to be part of a fantastic team – “Let Your Ideas Shape The Future!”


Michael Wiesinger

Studied Electrical Engineering and Applied Research; work as system engineer for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles at Continental; hobbies are formula student, football and skiing.

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