My name is Felipe and I am currently working at the Competence Center Manufacturing for Tire Division in Hannover.

I left my home country 10 years ago after graduating from Computer Engineering. I always wanted to go abroad, either for work or study, but being from the smallest state in Mexico and a small village there my options were very limited. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to get a scholarship to do my Masters in China. Yes, first time abroad and in Asia. With only Spanish and a basic command of English. Such a challenge, right!?

And so I went from my warm hometown Xicohtzinco with temperatures over 30℃ to Changchun in North China where during winter the temperature can drop as low as -30℃ for over 3 months. I still remember taking cold showers because I couldn’t read Chinese characters which said hot water was only available at night or ordering wrong food because I could not speak the language. My first goal was set – to improve my English and learn Chinese.

It was the end of 2011 when Continental entered and changed my life. I started to do my internship in Conti Automotive at Jinkai plant, in the Testing department. It was hard to learn not only the technical aspects but also the language at the same time, but with the great help of my colleagues I improved both, and before graduation I was offered a permanent position in Central Industrial Engineering department as a Manufacturing Execustion Systems Engineer, supporting now the 2 plants located in the city.

In 2015, I had my first cross-divisional opportunity and I moved to ContiTech where I was working as an Industrial Engineer for Air Conditioning lines. With this a new challenge arrived, learn the new function and provide results under a different and faster working environment. After 2 of my richest years, in terms of work and experiences I got again the chance to move within ContiTech to a new location in South China, Hangzhou, but now working in Operations and production. And again, a new chapter to be written.

Felipe Serrano Martinez

Felipe Serrano Martinez

Hello There, I am Felipe currently currently working in the Competence Center Manufacturing in Hannover for the Tire Division. Looking forward to work together with colleagues within this new role.

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6 thoughts on “From -30℃ to +30℃, From 吃饭了吗 to Servus!

  1. Nice post!
    I see that determination and passion is all you need to make the things happen!

  2. Eagerly looking forward what Comes next. And thanks to you and Guotao for teaching me what 吃饭了吗 means.

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