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Hi, I’m Sophia, 22 years old and in my final year of my economic studies. I did a voluntary six months internship at Continental Hanover.

When I started to look out for potential internships, of course Continental was one of the first companies coming to my mind. In Hanover, my hometown, Continental is pretty well known. I study at the Conti Campus (that’s what students here call it, because it’s located at the former Continental site) and many of my friends and even family members like my grandfather work or used to work for them.

So I looked directly on their career website and found some interesting offers. One of them was in the HR Communications department. That caught my attention, because: “What exactly does HR Communications do?”, I wondered. I had never heard of it before and got curious. Lucky me, after two interviews via phone and Skype (I was abroad while I applied for the internship and positively impressed by their flexible working style) I got the good news, that they wanted to hire me.

Fast forward two months and there I was, at the Headquarter of Continental, anxious and unsure what was to come.

Turns out, HR Communications means a lot of different things. Part of it is the Internal Communication directed at the colleagues, and another huge part is Employer Branding. Employer Branding goes from an overall strategic approach and campaigning conception to country consolidation as well as the strategic online planning and the maintenance of the Social Media Career platforms of Continental (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, this blog and many more).

And I was in the middle of it. During my six months at Continental, I got the opportunity to support many interesting projects. I was, for example, helping with some preparations for the annuals shareholders meeting in April and got to attend the meeting as well.

Another huge project I was involved in was the Global HR Communications Convention held in Regensburg this year with colleagues from 20 different countries all around the world. One of my colleagues and me were the main organizers, so we took a trip to Regensburg to prepare everything some time before the conference. We also did all the organization with the location, hotels, catering, transfer, evening event, questions of participants and so much more. Of course we attended the conference too, three very intense and tiring, but also fascinating and interesting days. What stood out most for me at this convention where by far the international colleagues. They were so friendly, grateful for all the effort and showed amazing team spirit!

Apart from these “projects”,  I was also involved in day to day topics, one of them being the support of the People@Continental Blog. 🙂

Overall I can say that these six months taught me a lot, about myself, about Continental and about what various topics belong to HR Communications.

And for every student out there: I can highly recommend doing a voluntary internship. It gives you the great opportunity to find out what you are passionate about and learn more about the employer. Maybe there’s even an interesting internship position waiting for you right now?

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