I am Anca and working at Continental has always been one of my dreams. This journey started exactly 2 years ago. Without any experience, but a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of hope I came to an interview at Continental Sibiu. I was a mathematics graduate from Sibiu Faculty and for a while I was a math teacher in my home town Bistrita. Unfortunately, after 2 years I realized that the job is not as challenging as I wanted it to be and I have reconsidered my career. First and only option was Continental Sibiu. So, I left my family, including my little girl home and I came to Sibiu for an interview. It was hard for me, but I was so motivated to succeed and I think that the recruiter felt this because they introduced me to Engineering Trainee Program (ETP) for 3 months. This experience was awesome, I was like a little child who wants to learn and know everything. I learned quickly and I wanted to do everything so good, because I was so close to my dream job.

The advantages of the program

Coming from a totally different field, Engineering Trainee Program was the trigger that really helped me to fit in more easily. Here, for three months, eight hours per day, we had contact with all business units from Continental Sibiu sites, learning everything about programming, microcontrollers

Together with a colleague from ETP – Bogdan and one of the best teachers, Sergiu Nicolaescu

and electronics, this program being perfect for anybody who wants to gain the necessary knowledge to work in the Automotive Embedded Software field. We had teachers who guided and supported. In my class we were 15 colleagues and most of them are now Continental full time employees.

So, I can say that I was very lucky because, once again I had the chance to find out what I want to do.

After this intensive months I had another interview, for which I was more prepared this time and eventually I succeeded. Now I am happy to be part of Continental team. Every day is a challenge, because my role is different from one project to another.

2 thoughts on “From “Engineering Trainee Program” to My Dream Job

  1. Congratulations…hello Alice…. I’m Anas from Continental Penang, Malaysia….such a great hiring platform…possible to share with me the structure of the program?

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