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Hi, my name is Jannik. I am 23 years young and finished my apprenticeship last winter as a Specialist for Industrial Production and Sales at Continental.

I quickly realized during my apprenticeship that my center of interest lays specifically with with Sales and Marketing – following the motto of “networking with as much people as possible”.

But of course the apprenticeship is much more than only getting to know Sales and Marketing. I was lucky to be able to work in all kind of departments and get to know many incredible colleagues.

In general each stay in a department has a duration of six weeks up to six months. Let me give you an insight into some of the departments I worked in:

I started of in the department of Vocational Training. There I was involved in the process for new hires when they go through all the stages of assessment centers. It was a lot of fun to see so many highly motivated young people giving their best to reach their goal, and then, of course, to see who made the cut and why. It was a very interesting looking behind the curtain for me, as I have been on the other side before.

At the department of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), one of my next stops, I saw what it looks like to work in project based working environments. Together with IT and Business the colleagues developed Apps for our Sales Department (Tires). The App helped to get a brief overview and short description of each wholesaler Continental is working with. Through this a much more efficient process was created.

Next up, my personal highlight: I was able to join the Sales Team (Tires). I could see what the previously developed App was capable of. Together with our salesman I also got the chance to leave behind the office routine, the canteen food and visit some of our wholesalers. After the visits I started to analyze the wholesalers with our CRM Tool and checked for highlights and potentials.

My last stop was at the department of Online Relations. Here I assisted on a huge project: the relaunch of our corporate website.  I build subcategories, sub-websites and filled in content from various countries. It was a real unique experience to help redesign a corporate website from a company as big as Continental, basically from scratch. I had a lot of fun and greatly appreciated the things I learnt. And, lucky me, I even scored a job in this department after finishing my apprenticeship!

From my experience I would recommend everyone applying for an apprenticeship or already starting at Continental to be yourself. Be real, be curios and be open-minded. You’ll be surprised how many doors that can open for you.

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