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My name is Bryan Dunkin and as of September 2019, I am a dual Student in the branch of economic computer science at Continental Frankfurt/Germany. In a very short period of time I was able to collect a lot of positive experiences, meet my colleagues and start out in the workplace. Economic computer science is a brand-new branch of study for Continental, as it combines the business aspect of work with the know-how of IT. The way I found out about my job was the job fair “Hobit” in Darmstadt. There I met another dual Student, currently studying in a different field, with whom I’ve exchanged some info about the job, what I would have to do, what’s important in the process of applying as well as other things.

In the beginning of the instruction week I was able to meet the other Students and trainees, talk to them as well as create new relationships. Shortly after we departed to Barcelona for our intercultural training, in which we learned how to work in teams, be more tolerant and deal with problems on our own accord.

Without break we continued our work as soon as we were back and found our way into a steady workflow. As a first small project we created a feedback

system for our colleagues that went to Barcelona, after this we collected the data in a couple of graphics.

Later that month we were introduced to the various different IT-Departments of the Continental Teves AG & Co OHG, which is where we will spend a lot of time in, during our study.

Even while at University, we get a lot of help from Continental through meetings and trainings, that help us understand and help us use what we learn on a daily basis.

I am very excited to work for Continental in the future and enjoy every day of it.

Bryan Dunkin

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