My assignment in the US ended by 30th September. The wonderful team organized a farewell event after our Americas all-hands meeting. All employees from our Business Unit in the Auburn Hills Office were there. After my supervisor finished his speech, he gave me a gift: the new Corvette Stingray on a wooden plate with an engraving. I really appreciated the gift and summarized my experiences while my time in the US. The team was very friendly since my arrival and the integration into the daily business took place very quickly. I was able to gain more and more responsibilities. I could feel “Trust” and “For one another”, two of our corporate values.

I was sad to leave this great working environment, but I was looking forward to see my family and to meet my friends to share with them all my stories 🙂

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Xinhuan Wang

Xinhuan Wang

Since May 1st, I started as a member of DRIVE - The Automotive Graduate Program with the Powertrain Division. My first assignment is located in the business development department in Dortmund. The tasks are manifold and challenging. Now I’m preparing my delegation to Auburn Hills, Michigan, US. I’m very excited to experience new things and would like to share them with you.

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