Hey. I am Suchitra, a Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET). I joined Continental in July 2017, together with 120 other graduates full of curiosity and enthusiasm. Although we were all a little bit anxious to move to the next phase of our lives, we were excited to make a contribution by providing our services to the company and to create a lasting impact. We were sure that 20 years down the line we will happily let our future generation know how Continental Automotive Components, with its 170 years of experience and pride in the automotive world, was the push to the beginning of our career.

I remember very well how my father and I always discussed his first job, his difficulty to cope with the change in location and language initially. He also told me how his first workmates are still among the closest of his friends.  I can relate to it now and I know for sure that the Grooming Young Talent (GYT) program will be one of the wonderful memories of my first job that I will share with my loved ones.

Corporate life was new to us after nearly two decades of exams, presentations and last minute preparations, striving for good grades. Now we stepped into the real world of projects, keeping deadlines and fulfilling customer expectations.

I found GYT program to be a challenging push into the corporate world. It was a great experience with amazing people who inspired us, transferred their knowledge to us and motivated us to think beyond the conventions, which let our mind explore freely. The fact that the program was tailor-made by Continental and closely managed by HR, made its execution perfect.

Part of what we are today and become tomorrow, is owed to our first company and its signature program – GYT . It for sure played a key role in shaping our future.

2 thoughts on “Grooming Young Talent: 100 Days of Change

  1. Hi!!!.. I just got an offer to PGET in continental and they have called me for the GYT program. So is this considered as if i got a job in continental or just there for 100 days GYT program?

    1. Thank you for raising the query. Please connect with your HR contact from who you received the offer to clarify the details of your GYT program and the time after. Best, Alina

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