Monday, 6 days to go:
Yara, a colleague from work and I sign up for the 10 km run. So far I have not done any training except of going to work by bike, which is only 3 km.

Tuesday, 5 days to go:
The sign-up closes. More than 900 Conti Employees are participating. No training.

Wednesday, 4 days to go:
We have a BBQ with some colleagues, so no training again.

Thursday, 3 days to go:
The Conti running shirt arrives! Still no training because of various non-valid excuses I make up.

Saturday, 1 day to go:
I am getting nervous because I didn’t go running once. And now it’s too late…

Sunday, running day:

Some colleagues from the Benefit, IT and Explore trainee pool Yara, Karthika, Viktoria, Bharat, Kenny, Jesus, Xiaowen, Beatriz

10.45 am: The weather is beautiful, blue sky and sun. As we take the tram into the city we can see the runners doing the full marathon that started at 9 am. We are lucky and can spot the very first ones including Cheshari Jacob from Kenya, the later winner, running right behind the car displaying the current time. They are almost as fast as the tram and their running looks so easy and majestic. Unbelievable!

11 am: We pick up the starters package and manage to be at the finish line when Cheshari Jacob crosses it and wins the marathon in only 2h 9min. Although we cannot really see him the atmosphere is great. Afterwards we go to the Conti Runner’s Village, an area where Conti has set up benches, a tent and a big screen for all runners and their families. We get food and drinks and relax a bit.

Just before the start Yara and Viktoria

12:30: We leave the Conti Runner’s Village and move to the starting line. There is a big crowd of runners all waiting for the beginning of the race.

That’s not the finish line yet – Karthika, Isabel and Viktoria

1 pm: Peng. The 10 km run starts. There are many people watching and cheering and even though it gets warmer and warmer the time just flies. A lot of kids want to give the runners a high-five. People make music and hold up motivational signs. Only after about 8 km I feel that I am getting more and more tired. After about 9 km we pass the Conti Runner’s Village and with our yellow shirts the Conti spectators spot us easily and cheer and motivate us for the last bit. For me that turns out to be the hardest part, but I make it over the finish line after 1h8min. Not a record time, but without training that was my own fault. Happy but exhausted we get our medals, drinks and food.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the run:
My legs hurt so bad… muscle ache for three days, that’s a new record!

Viktoria Werner

Viktoria Werner

After a year abroad in Auckland, New Zealand during school I started studying Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen, focusing early on polymer processing. In 2011 I spent a semester in Chennai, India. I participated in the "Meet the Manager" - Event in May 2013 and after that did my masters thesis at ContiTech in Hannover. Now I work in the Material Development for Continental Tires improving our reinforcements even more!

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