Barry Guildford, Marketing Director Truck Tires EMEA, Hanover (Germany)
Barry Guildford,
Marketing Director Truck Tires EMEA, Hanover (Germany)

All English boys dream of becoming a professional soccer player. The dream came true for Barry Guildford, but only for a short time. An injury brought his soccer career to an early end. That was unlucky for Barry, but lucky for Conti, as Barry then started his career at Continental. Today, Barry Guildford is responsible for Marketing Truck Tires in the EMEA region. He works out of Hanover, Germany.

“I have worked in a whole range of different fields in the tire industry,” Barry says, “but I find the area of truck tires fascinating. Our customers have a unique passion for our products and services.”

Barry has felt this passion since he started working for Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires. He picks it up from his customers and in his team. And, he says, he couldn’t imagine working anywhere devoid of passion. It’s the same with soccer!

Susanne Melcher

Susanne Melcher

Rubber sticks. This is an old saying among tire people. And it's true, at least in my case. I rejoined Continental in 2006 and this time I intend to stay. I am right where I want to be: Communications Commercial Vehicle Tires.

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