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The IdeenExpo is currently taking place at Hanover’s exhibition center (Germany). Almost half a million school students are using this opportunity to find out about careers in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I am also excited about the great atmosphere at the Hanover exhibition center.

My enthusiasm is probably also down to my active involvement. Over the past few months I’ve discovered great subjects and experiments that we are now presenting at the IdeenExpo. I got to know great colleagues, whose ideas and commitment continue to inspire me.

For me, the IdeenExpo is the perfect place to discover my own interest in and passion for careers in science and technology. To convey this enthusiasm, I am at the event with more than 150 colleagues whose friendly, straightforward nature will inspire the young people – and thus draw their attention to Continental. There’s no doubt about it – Conti has plenty to offer. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this. Most people have heard of our premium tires, but hardly anyone knows that we work on subjects such as autonomous driving as well. There is no better to see this than in the Mobility Arena (Hall 9).

remote-controlled cars on a particularly tricky race track
Remote-controlled cars on a particularly tricky race track

One highlight for the youngsters is a specially built racing track. Two children race remote-controlled cars along a particularly tricky race track. What’s unique here though is that both drivers wear special glasses that enable them to see the track from the driver’s perspective – and steer accordingly. The camera data is transmitted wirelessly.

Dandelion plantation
Dandelion plantation

Another “eye-catcher” is our small dandelion plantation in the Mobility Arena. Our experts show the “young researchers” how rubber, which is important for tire building, can be harvested from dandelions. The kids are particularly enthusiastic about the environmentally friendly production.

Walking on ice
Walking on ice

Another attraction is a synthetic area of ice on the ExpoPlaza. The children walk onto it wearing two different types of shoe soles. While the sole with the summer tire tread pattern is extremely slippery on the ice, the other sole with the winter tire tread pattern has much better grip. The children notice very quickly that the right choice of tires influences safety in cold and wet weather.

Truck simulator
Truck simulator

My personal favorite is a truck simulator where children can “take the wheel” as the driver and have to attach a trailer. Several cameras help with this and provide a 360 degree surround view. This is great technology that will make work easier for truck drivers.


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